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Remini is an application for improving photos and videos based on machine learning. Unique algorithms for processing graphic content allow you to duplicate pixels and improve the quality of old photos. You can scan physical photographs and improve their condition thanks to the resampling algorithm. You can also add various filters, improve sharpness or contrast. It is worth noting that the application uses an online server with machine learning, which is continuously improving the photo processing algorithm. That is why you can restore video quality to its original format and add various details to standardize your photo. 

It is worth noting that you can add blur to individual parts of the photo or process the data using special filters. Basic templates perfect manual tuning is ideal for those who want to experiment with the final quality of the picture. You can also take online selfies with additional settings. The application stores the entire history of the user and allows you to return to previously saved photos. Dual enhancement-mode will enable you to take pictures like a pro. It is worth noting that the application has a convenient interface so that you can select any mode in a few clicks.

Enhanced graphic content

Thanks to the simple photo enhancement algorithm, you don’t need to be a professional editor to create beautiful pictures. You can use the predefined options and follow the instructions to make your photos and videos better. Use the program when you want to create the perfect selfie, and the machine algorithm will automatically do everything for you. Choose the parameters that you need, and you will become a master of graphic editors.

App Features

  • application for editing photos on Android;
  • photo processing algorithms;
  • customize pixelization and quality improvements;
  • selfies with filters and advanced settings;
  • improving video and frame rate.
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