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Remove China Apps is an Android app with the ability to remove Chinese apps from smartphones and tablets.

How it works?

Many Chinese developers provide a certain number of applications to the operating system before selling both smartphones and tablets. In theory, they are designed to extend the standard functionality of Android and provide the user with more options. In fact, everything is not so positive.

A lot of Chinese applications spy on users and collect information. Of course, most of this information is purely statistical data that does not personalize specific people. Nevertheless, no one wants his information to be passed on to third parties. This application has a convenient scanner that allows you to find all the information about what offers.

Fast Cleaning

The application has a built-in database of Chinese utilities and allows you to quickly analyze the memory of any smartphone or tablet. After the scanning process is completed you can see a whole list of applications that are potentially a dangerous point.

In particular, you can remove unwanted text editors, an application with widgets and other multimedia garbage that only takes up space in the operating system and can be potentially dangerous

Naturally, an application like AliExpress and other popular utilities should not be deleted permanently. Nevertheless, you can find a number of offers that were not in your sight only for the final removal of system files, you will need access to superuser rights, however even a basic lock will help to avoid data leakage points.


  • application to find and remove Chinese applications;
  • fast algorithm for identifying malicious code;
  • the ability to remove multiple applications from the list at once;
  • the utility works for free and does not require an online connection;
  • fully compatible with relevant versions of Android.
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