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Remove Unwanted Object

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Remove Unwanted Object is an Android application with the option of retouching photos and deleting various objects.

The principle of the utility

Many photos are created in crowded places. Sometimes outsiders or objects become part of the exposition. This application allows you to delete all unwanted objects. The free utility can recognize and erase various types of watermarks, stickers, and text. Users have the option of highlighting part of objects in the photo and their complete removal.

A special tool paints a separate part of the frame in red to add transparency, shading, or fading. Another tool is called an eraser. It allows you to erase the part of the photo and unnecessary details.

Removal process

You need to adhere to a certain sequence. Select a separate part of the photo, creating a red outline. As soon as the object is painted red, you can click on the delete button.

This option does not always work correctly. It’s best to edit photos with a plain background. It will allow software algorithms to separate the desired object from the total exposure correctly. On colored layer, spots, shadows, and small graphic artifacts may remain.

The developers have added a training section. A step-by-step guide explains how to use tools to remove objects from photos properly. Processed images can be saved in the phone memory or on the SD card. The application also contains social network widgets for quick photo sending. You can compare photos before and after editing to search for defects.


  • photo editor for deleting objects;
  • the ability to mask skin defects;
  • set of instructions and social network widgets;
  • the utility is available for free;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
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