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Better than Online Banking

Revolut is an Android financial application that offers users the best alternative to online banking. Each client can count on a multifunctional account with the ability to conduct transactions, budgeting, and drawing up a monthly transaction plan. Now you can exchange currency at the current rate. Use the application to control your expenses and manage the activity of your card. Creating an account takes only a few minutes. 

After that, you can use your account for fast transactions, shopping, and other financial activities. The built-in budgeting system will allow you to keep track of all expenses and income in your bank account. You can use any currency in the application and spend money the way you want. A quick currency transaction will help you buy the currency you need. You can also send money to your friends in one click. Money transfer abroad is carried out at a real rate, so you do not overpay the extra cash. 

Lots of Options

You can also contact managers around the clock. Technical support will help you make various financial activities and get more benefits. A debit card is perfect for contactless payments, so you can pay for purchases in supermarkets without entering a password. The application allows you to take out insurance or other precautions. You can pay for purchases abroad and not worry about a hefty commission. This application will provide you with a comfortable financial environment and allow you to use your funds as efficiently as possible.

App Features

  • full control over financial transactions;
  • income and expense management on Android;
  • currency conversion without overpayments;
  • fast money transfers to friends and relatives;
  • convenient interface and 24/7 customers support.
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