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Pay For Parking Online

RingGo is an Android app for finding parking spots. RingGo has created its service in the UK that allows you to find a convenient parking spot in any part of the city or the whole country. Open a local map to view nearby car parks with free spaces. Now you can use the navigation options and find free places. It will simplify your daily diet and the ability to arrive on time. GDN can leave your car in a safe place for a symbolic amount of money. Also, you can click on the application and select the duration of the parking. 

An online timer will help you navigate by time and find out when your parking time is up. At the moment, the system supports 400 cities and many parking lots. Use a QR code scanner to speed up the parking process. The main distinguishing feature of this offer is the ability to pay for parking using a smartphone. But you do not need to look for a bank terminal or carry cash. Pay for parking with your smartphone in a few clicks. It will reduce the time you search for parking and allow you to go about your business.

Easy To Use App

The application is straightforward to use. You can enter the required address in the search bar and find the nearest parking. Each parking has three types of indicators. You can determine the number of cars in the parking lot using the yellow, green, and red marker. These are signals that the parking lot is full. You can also track the expiration time on your smartphone. It will help you determine when to complete your purchase or extend it.

App Features

  • pay by phone parking app on Android;
  • online map with nearest parking zones;
  • fast booking and parking timer;
  • full parking history in one app;
  • web search with parking indicators.
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