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Roomdaddy Bolt is the best option for those people who have just arrived in a new city. Here you will find various options for rental properties, parking spaces and various activities. Now you don’t have to look for a hostel or hotel for a long time. At your disposal a whole network of apartments that can be shared with other people. Now you do not have to overpay for rental housing yourself. 

You can cooperate with several partners and significantly save on real estate. This application includes the ability to track all payments, choose the best accommodation formats and parking spaces. Now you do not need to carry out all the activity yourself and you can rely on the services of this application. Only a few clicks and you will find apartments at an affordable price, you can pay all bills online.

Match and strike a deal

Here you can find apartments or a guest house that suits all your requirements. Find a property that you can rent and live with other people. So you can save money and get a convenient option for daily living. It is worth noting that the application is updated daily, providing you with new options for settlement. Use the menu to quickly rent any property and enjoy new opportunities. It is worth noting that the application has a convenient set of filters that will help you navigate all published properties. Now you can quickly find the most convenient options and pay for them online.

App Features

  • search for apartments and joint rental;
  • convenient interface with notifications and payments;
  • get access to various announcements and detailed reporting;
  • pop-up notifications and filters for sorting;
  • access to your personal account and form of payment.
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