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Rosetta Stone is an Android service that helps you learn foreign languages. Each user can choose one of 24 languages to choose from and learn all the rules of grammar, punctuation, and replenish their vocabulary. Thanks to a unique training program, you can talk without an accent and hone your pronunciation along with useful exercises. A special algorithm of the program allows you to delve into the language subtleties from the first lecture. 

You can learn from lively dialogues and understand pronunciation after just a few lessons. The applications use the most popular communication formats and live dialogs so that you will always be able to support a conversation with a stranger in another country. The adoptive parent program and get a particular set of language skills to get the essential basics. Explore the possibilities of linguistic nuances, and you can express your thoughts in another language.

Learn Modern Slang

The application has a convenient interface and divided into various tasks. You can learn many nuances of the language with the help of live pictures and individual sections. Select why do you want to learn the language, and the application will select the most appropriate training format for you. You will also be able to study the natural processes which are most convenient for obtaining basic knowledge. A new topic will allow you to be fully developed, and the necessary phrases will be repeated several times. Thanks to this, you will remember all the required nuances and can efficiently conduct dialogues on laid-back topics.

App Features

  • application for learning languages on Android;
  • 24 languages to choose from with grammar and correct pronunciation;
  • unique learning technology;
  • short and informative lessons every day;
  • practice dialogue and speak without an accent.
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