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Round Timer

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Round Timer InterfaceRound Timer New workouts

Round Timer is an Android app for correct and practical sports training. Set a timer to calculate the right time for sports.

Workout timer

Adequate exercise is possible only if the correct time intervals are observed. That is why a particular application with a report of seconds and minutes is suitable for you to create the right workouts. This Android application has convenient profiles for counting time and individual timers with sound messages. Start with small exercises and gradually increase the pace of each lesson. Reduces the number of moments to relax, you can maximize your physical activity.

You can always find out when to complete the workout and relax. Special voice alerts will help you navigate your approaches while playing sports. Use the convenient landscape mode to prepare your smartphone for sports training. You will be able to customize various pairs of miters and methods so that you can relax as much as possible. It is worth noting that the application is suitable for multiple types of training and physical activity.

Make your body stronger

This application will appeal to all athletes who are aimed at the correct interval training and want to calculate the best time to maximize the effect. Thanks to this application, you can effectively burn calories, build muscle, and achieve your goals. It is a convenient timer that adjusts all your physical activities and helps to make the most favorable result. Engage in physical activity and enjoy this application to get more time for daily activities.


  • timer for organizing sports training;
  • free modes for exercises and daily runs;
  • use voice alerts to start;
  • convenient time intervals for rest and training;
  • compatible with current Android devices.
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