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Royal Mail is an application for Android that lets you control packages and letters when it’s handled by the postal service. 


With this app, you can send or get anything while staying at your home. If there is a package or a letter coming, you can check the current status of it using the corresponding identification number and find out where it is now. When you see that it has arrived and is ready to be taken, it's possible to arrange delivery to your home or to any other convenient address. The day of the delivery also can be chosen. 

As you can see, it uses the systems that reminds of popular shopping apps like Argos. Also, be advised that it works only in the United Kingdom. 

When there is an item you need to send to someone the whole process is quite different. First of all, you can pay the postal fee online, so later you only need to bring the box or the envelope to the postal office and send it. Also, you can find out what size your parcel is with the camera on your device.

 If you are not sure of the address of the receiver the app will help you to know the correct one. You have to put only the part of the location’s name and you will be advised with the most possible variants. It also works with postcodes. 

Useful tools 

There are different options that make dealing with the postal service easier. For example, you can add a nickname to any of your items, so it's more convenient to search for them when needed. 

Moreover, you can add your letters or packages to the memory of the application, so you don't have to enter their tracking number every time.

It’s also possible to enable push notifications, book redelivery and save receipts.  


  • lets you use postal service online;
  • it's possible to track your letters and packages;
  • you can pay the postage in the application;
  • saves all the items you track; 
  • free download for Android.
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