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For a long time you want to improve your physical fitness, but put off everything, but how do you start playing sports, immediately give up training? RunKeeper mobile app will help you learn how to control your laziness, set clear goals and stubbornly go to achieve them! The application contains in-app purchases. The basic functionality is provided free of charge, but some of the functions will have to be paid.


RunKeeper will allow you to track the physical activity of the user, giving detailed statistics about his actions and achievements. By turning on the application before jogging, you can later get acquainted with the data on the pace, distance, time spent on jogging and the number of calories burned. In order to find out this information, it is not necessary to examine in detail the displayed graphs, charts, and other diagrams – the user can access the mode of listening to statistics in audio format.

The application saves a training journal, according to which you can track progress (if, of course, there is one). In addition, RunKeeper itself will notify you of new achievements, which will clearly contribute to the desire to develop further and achieve amazing new results. Using special tools, the user can set clear goals for himself, so as not to move nowhere, but to achieve progress more clearly and purposefully.
If you are one of those who value the approval of others and the words of support from them, then do not forget that RunKeeper supports the Share function. Using it, you can talk about your achievements (routes, weight lost, running time and other details) on Facebook and Twitter.

App Features

  • statistics on running, training time and calories burned;
  • pulse measurement is available using special sensors;
  • the ability to take photos right during training and share them;
  • the application keeps a detailed log of all workouts;
  • notifications of new achievements.
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