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S Health is a mobile application from developers from Samsung, aimed at those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Previously, S Health was available exclusively for devices of the South Korean manufacturer, but later, due to its popularity, the client became more widespread and now it can be downloaded to any Android device, except for devices with older versions of Android.


Unlike applications focused on specific functions - monitoring physical exercises or nutrition, counting calories, setting goals or monitoring their implementation, S Health works comprehensively and allows you to perform almost all of the above. Using the client as a kind of virtual diary, the user can set goals for himself, visually monitoring their implementation and monitor progress (or regression) according to the indicators displayed by the application.

In addition, with S Health, you can control nutrition - by entering data on water and food consumption into the client, you will monitor your weight and notice in time that you eat too many certain foods. With this solution, you can also monitor sleep patterns.

The application will help to identify the most suitable sleep technique for you personally, as well as determine its duration. Like its counterparts, S Health also runs a news feed on topics of interest to the user, and also allows you to choose "rivals" among other users to compare their performance.

App Features

  • viewing data on a run - its duration and condition of the body;
  • food control, reminders of the need to drink water;
  • viewing a thematic news feed about sports and proper nutrition;
  • built-in set of templates for exercise programs;
  • viewing statistics of other users, as well as "competition" with them.
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