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S Memo

Samsung Electronics America
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17 Mb
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Android 2.3 and above
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S Memo is a convenient Android application that helps you record all the necessary data and make shopping lists. Consider it your personal notebook or assistant to remember important information. You can create shopping lists in the store, items for follow-up, or simply store important textual information. This application is standard on all Samsung phones. However, you can install the remote application on any Android smartphone or tablet. 

You can use the stylus to create drawings and handwritten texts. It is a great application for creative people and businessmen who always want to keep abreast of current trends. Create quick notes and live in a fast urban rhythm. The application contains a convenient color palette and the ability to choose a brush for drawing. There are many color combinations and the ability to edit saved information. Thanks to it, you can always use all the features of your smartphone to 100%.

Draw Anything

In addition to shopping lists and various items you can draw. It is a great personal assistant that will help you create small masterpieces. Use the stylus to draw more precisely and create beautiful contour lines. All your work can be saved in a single application. Choose any picture format and fill in the individual sectors of the picture. It will help you create an interesting sketch of how or write down the necessary thoughts on paper. Now you can draw and write by hand as quickly as possible. Insert various effects and graphic combinations to make your note brighter.

App Features

  • application for drawings and quick notes;
  • user-friendly interface and many brushes for drawing;
  • create shopping lists and items for daily tasks;
  • option to cancel the previous action;
  • quick save and responsive interface.
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