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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
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Samsung Health is an Android app with the ability to control your physical activity.

Gadget Sync

The application is compatible with all Samsung Galaxy smartphones and some tablets. The utility controls the distance traveled, heart rate and diet of users. The interface can be synchronized with the smart watch to get the correct data and the correct reading of the heart rate.

A set of predefined presets allows you to control daily sports and distance traveled. Information can be displayed on the screen of a smartphone, tablet or wearable smart watch. The synchronization process is very fast so users do not feel any discomfort or special difficulties.


The main advantage of the application is the ability to control each training session and record the result. The menu shows the number of kilometers traveled, calories burned and the average for the month. The data obtained can be compared with previous periods and adjust physical activity.

Total monitoring of vital signs is also important for users at the stage of rehabilitation and restoration of form. In the menu, you can record the total amount of fluid, caffeine, vitamins and proteins. Special sleep trackers will help you get data for monitoring your well-being.

The main menu allows you to control for free the type of physical activity and periods of rest. Completed tasks allow you to get achievements and compete with friends in performance.


  • application for controlling physical activity;
  • synchronization with trackers and smart watches;
  • all statistics can be obtained for free in a detailed report;
  • pedometer, heart rate sensor and fluid intake control;
  • the utility is compatible with relevant versions of Android.
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