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Sandboxx is an Android application where you can send letters to your relatives in the military. Use the app for communication and communication.

Send Letters

Recruits and other military personnel need the support of families and friends. You can use this application to communicate with them without restrictions. Send letters through intermediaries and convey your thoughts to support your loved ones. Here you can be sure that you can be heard.

You can use this Android application to send free letters, help the military raise morale, and support them. Veterans develop this application for those who need to communicate. You can also plan your trip and prepare a communication program with your relatives. Weekly updates and reports are published in the app. 

Thus, you can also help all your friends get through the training camp and motivate them to do further. It is worth noting that the application allows you to plan trips and book flights. Find nearby hotels and cars to organize a tour and chat with your relatives in the army. It is worth noting that the application is perfect for those who want to do something beautiful to their relatives.

Visit friends

The main advantage of the application is that you can personally come to the city where the training base of your friends or relatives is located. The app allows you to quickly book many tickets, hotel rooms, and a car to reduce transfer time. It will enable you to be closer to your friends and relatives and not worry about missing important points. Now you can always be near your family and friends at a crucial moment. Communicate with veterans and privates in order not to miss important events.


  • connected with your recruit and send letters;
  • free app for all Android users;
  • send letters end to enjoy fast delivery;
  • mail printing and tracking system;
  • book hotels and tickets.
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