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Santander Mobile Banking

Santander UK plc
Additional Information
The size
47,9 Mb
Number of installations
Current version
4.12.0 (36)
Android version
Android 5.0
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Santander Mobile Banking is an application for Android that lets you manage your money and perform different operations with it. 

All finances in one place

You can add bank accounts to this app and gain control over them. Be sure that you have a UK mobile number because it's necessary to log in. You will get a one-time passcode and use it to start. After it, the application will let you enter all your online banking information and provide you with access to your accounts. There is also an ability to set up face or fingerprint identification for better security.

Please note, that you can use this app only if you are a Santander's client. It’s a common practice for mobile banking apps, such as Bank of America for example.

When all is set up, you can check the data regarding your credit or debit cards, see the payments history and pending transaction. If you lost your card or it gets stolen there is an option that lets you freeze it online, without going to the bank. However, it works only with MasterCard. 

Also, you can control your mortgage here. There is the ability to check its’ status, schedule payments or cancel it. You even can change your mortgage condition in the application. 

Along with that, there is a bonus system. It generates cashback from your payments in some shops and lets you spend it on anything you need. 

Easy money transfers and payment 

You can send or get money from other people almost in one click without any complications. Even if you don't know their card details, the phone number will do it. 

If you buy something online you also can use this app to pay for it. You can confirm your purchase by SMS code and it will be paid for from your account.


  • control over all your finances in the one app;
  • you can freeze your card if it got lost or stolen;
  • cashback;
  • the ability to send money to your friends;
  • free download for Android.
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