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SCHOOOL is an educational application for Android devices that will help you learn foreign languages and teach others.

How’s it working?

This Android application allows you to learn English and interact with other teachers around the world. Choose different courses, interesting formats, and join the training. It is worth noting that the language learning process is built on communication and interaction in a social network. You can act as a participant or teacher. 

Choose a variety of content formats and invite students to lectures. Here you can interact with different people and share knowledge. The system works on the principle of notifications when users can track all the activities of their curators. It is very convenient and allows you to learn a lot. Share messages with your friends and learn English together.

Easy to use the app

The main advantage of this application is a convenient learning process. Here you can use a special integrated notebook to repeat the expression, learn different levels of English, and get the right tips. Here you can access the most frequently used words in the English language and learn all the necessary nuances of pronunciation. 

The system also includes integrated artificial intelligence that helps you to repeat different words and sentences and quickly memorize them. A unique development for Android smartphones will help you solve many technical problems and gain access to a simple training system. Now you can speak at the media level without restrictions.


  • application for learning English;
  • become a teacher or student in one click;
  • unique practices, lessons, and notifications
  • free selection of curators and mentors;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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