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Secure VPN

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10,6 Mb
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Android 5.0
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Secure VPN is a reliable VPN service for Android smartphones and tablets.

Unblock websites

Thanks to this application, you can access various sites and online resources that are blocked in your country. The system has one of the most stable and fast servers in order not to limit the speed of your Internet connection. You do not need to enter various credit card details, register, or save certain activity logs. The application offers basic functions of access to Internet insurance without restrictions. 

You can connect to various servers anywhere in the world to reduce the delay speed. You can also disable an additional package of services that receive more servers and additional parameters. It is worth noting that even the free basic function of the program for Android smartphones protects your device from tracking.

Secure connection

The main advantage of this offer is the complete anonymity and security of each user. No one will be able to track your tingling location protected by VPN services. Always use a connection to a secure channel. When you exit, bypass regional blocking. It will allow you to access all sites and services without restrictions. Now No one can dictate the terms of use of the free Internet to you. Choose any sites, upload files, and enjoy the Internet connection. Here you can connect to the network in one click and not worry about locks. Each parameter is designed to provide you with maximum access to all resources without restrictions and with the ability to navigate quickly.


  • affordable VPN service for Android smartphones;
  • free version with connection to servers;
  • protect your device from hacking and tracking;
  • ascetic interface with the quick activation of functions;
  • device pro0tection in the public network.
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