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Select Who is a free Android application for determining the winner.

Principle of operation

The collective draw helps to identify the winner among the contestants. This is much more effective than standard methodologies for determining the best player. This Android app will help resolve disputes. The menu is very simple to use everyday.

Each member of the company must put a finger on the screen of a smartphone or tablet. The minimum number of participants must not be less than two. The application itself recognizes up to ten taps on the screen.

Place your finger on the screen and hold it. The application will start the timer, automatically choosing the winner. The circular area around the finger will be highlighted in a specific color. The number of simultaneous players depends on the thickness of the fingers of your friends and the number of simultaneously recognized taps on the smartphone.

Game compatibility

The application allows you to determine winners, losers and is compatible with most games where you need to make decisions. We can make difficult life choices. For example, the application can identify the family member who will wash the dishes or go shopping. Rely on a blind chance and get an original answer.

The main feature of the application is the original interpretation of the gameplay of board games and quests. Beat situations where competitors must complete the test by default. You can use the app for free anytime.


  • application for the draw and selection of winners;
  • maximum ten competitors;
  • completely free functionality and highlighting the winner;
  • random number generation, timer and countdown;
  • compatible with relevant versions of Android.
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