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SetCPU menuSetCPU tunings

SetCPU is an application that allows you to control the frequencies of the central processor of devices based on the Android operating system. Following the purpose of the program, it is worth noting that working with it is recommended only to advanced users who understand the specifics of the CPU. In addition, ROOT rights are required to use the application. This version of SetCPU has been translated into English. It has a CPU frequency control.

The application makes it possible to increase the productivity of a portable device when performing complex tasks and save battery power when working with “light” applications. It will make your device more energy efficient. Profiles help especially in this – sets of parameters that are set in different situations: when the screen is locked, when using the camera, when launching certain applications, when connected to a power source, and so on. In addition to setting profiles, SetCPU allows you to configure the operating modes of the device (Interactive, Conservative, Powersave).

Important information

It is important to note that the application does not know how to “overclock” the processor – it is just a tool for “manual” frequency control. Also note that a number of profiles and modes work only with individual processor models and firmware. The developer does not provide detailed specifications – so you will have to verify compatibility yourself.

App Features

  • makes it possible to control the frequencies of the processor built into the Android device;
  • offers a set of modes with different parameters of performance and energy efficiency;
  • allows you to configure your own profiles for different situations and applications;
  • It works only with ROOT rights;
  • available for download and use for free.
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