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Shazam is a free Android music identification application.

Find music

This is an Android application that allows you to easily find out what kind of music sounds near you. Music recognition technology is based on a huge data library with millions of songs. Just a few seconds are enough and you can identify the artist, album or track number. You just need to bring your smartphone or tablet closer to the sound source. The entire saved scanning history will help you find music on official services in a few clicks.

Another action of this application is the ability to find a song on social networks and YouTube. So you can go to official stores and buy the best music that interests you. Another interesting feature of the proposal is full support for lyrics, quick search by name and various modes. You can also turn on a dark theme if you want to save battery power and reduce eye strain.

New Content

Here you can search for trending music and current playlists of your artists. Now you will not lose the interesting song that you heard on the street. Enjoy first-class sound and the ability to identify almost any artist without limits. This application will allow you to learn more about your favorite artists and to virtually unmistakably identify new remixes, tracks and joint compositions of various celebrities. Use all the options for free to activate the advanced search mode. Look for content by covers and other parameters along with text. The interface facilitates the convenient search for various information.


  • free scanning and recognition of music;
  • huge database of any music genres;
  • see what's popular in your area;
  • connection with Google Play Music and other services;
  • the support for current Android versions.
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