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72 Mb
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Android 6.0 and above
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Pay At Pump App

Shell is a proprietary application that offers you a profitable refueling option for your car. Get daily fuel rewards and tons of discounts. Every ten visits to a gas station save you enough time and money. Use the convenient format for collecting points and receive online gifts. The app informs customers about new promotions and sweepstakes. Each user can count on a personal offer and various options. You can find the nearest gas station thanks to the online map. 

Thus, you will get a convenient display of all locations simplifies the search for gas stations in an unknown city. It is your chance to refuel your car with comfort and benefit. Use the mobile payment service to simplify multiple purchases at a gas station. Join Shell Energy for more features. Also, the application will open before you the world of fuel for comfortable trips around the world.

The Fuel World

It is worth noting that this application will allow you to familiarize yourself with all the offers of the fuel company, participate in the club, and receive profitable promotions. Use the radar to find new stations and technical support. The application contains many options that are useful to every driver. Enjoy a comfortable ride with high octane fuel. 
The more money you spend on fuel, the more discounts you get. Each active user can count on a 10 percent discount on food and drinks in the company’s affiliate network. Enjoy the benefits of working with Shell and travel across the country.

App Features

  • personal rewards for every order on Android;
  • full Android Pay synchronization to buy fuel and drinks;
  • online map to track Fuel & Service Station;
  • online Shell Energy club & discounts;
  • personal drivers club & digital card service.
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