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Signal is an Android application with the ability to communicate in private chats. The utility supports file sharing and private conversations. It’s also free to download.

How to start conversation?

Usually, messengers and social networks keep a history of correspondence and logs. Signal operates based on end-to-end encryption and does not store user information on its servers. To start confidential communication, you should register and provide a phone number. It is necessary to receive SMS with an access code.

Subsequent entry into the application menu is possible only if you have your device with a SIM card. All information is stored on user devices in an encrypted format. Another plus is open source. Any programmer can personally check the methods of connecting to the network and the degree of protection.


Users can communicate in private chats or create collective groups to exchange information and files. Developer servers do not store data about connected conversation participants. You can send messages and call friends. Use the address book and add important contacts.

The audio call option is also available. The level of delay is low. The app allows you to send disappearing messages. It is convenient for transmitting confidential information.  Chats support graphic content, video, and audio. There are also no restrictions on the size of the downloaded file. It may take longer to complete the procedure for long clips or RAW photos.


  • private messenger with end-to-end encryption technology;
  • the utility does not store logs and information about chat members;
  • users can share photos, videos, and audio files;
  • the app is free to download;
  • it is compatible with current versions of Android.
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