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The size
5,1 Mb
Number of installations
Current version
2.7.6 Virgo
Android version
Android 4.1
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Simple Control is an Android application that allows you to replace the standard navigation buttons with touch analogs if your device is damaged.

New buttons

You can replace the main control keys and assign various functions to have an alternative button to control your device. You can configure a key to activate the camera, address book, or main menu. Each button has a customization mode, so it’s easy to use this app.

This free utility contains several options for customizing individual disconnected areas. For example, you can create inactive frames vertically or horizontally. It’s more convenient to hold your smartphone while playing games or watching video content.

All additional graphic keys work correctly so users can choose different settings for comfortable control of a smartphone or tablet with a defective screen. One of the main advantages is fine customization of all parameters in the settings.

Other options

Each user can configure their device to control gestures or hide panels. Choose the frequency of pressing or the touch window's diameter that allows you to control various parameters of your smartphone or tablet. The utility is compatible with many devices and works correctly.

Depending on the user's preferences, it is possible to automatically hide all unused buttons to improve the pressing quality and accuracy. Each user can create a disabled touch screen area around the icons. It will increase the efficiency of the device. 


  • application for replacing touch buttons;
  • the ability to choose the color, shape, and size of the icons;
  • vibration calibration option;
  • the utility is available free of charge for all users;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
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