Simply Piano by JoyTunes

Simply Piano by JoyTunes

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Simply Piano by JoyTunes is an application for independent study of musical notation and world hits.

Learning process

The study of notes and chords on the piano is available to any user of Android devices. You do not need to go to the teacher for this. Just download the application and choose a course of study. You can start with the basics or a more advanced level. The starting course is available for free. It allows you to track the setting of the fingers, the dynamics of the game and intonation.

Application developers focus on a unique teaching methodology on their favorite songs. You are waiting for lessons on the correct setting, intervals and strength of keystrokes. Learn to get into the rhythm, gradually increasing the tempo of songs. Starting lessons include slow-paced songs. They allow you to adapt to the keystrokes of the piano.

How to play music?

Developers of applications for Android devices have provided two learning scenarios. The first assumes a beginner has a piano or MIDI keyboard. A smartphone or tablet acts as a musical staff with a guide to playing a musical instrument. The second mode allows you to turn on the on-screen keyboard. It has a restriction on the diagonal of the display of your device and the pace of the game.

You can zoom in and out for more convenient play. All songs and training compositions cover a two-year period of study at a music school. Video tutorials will help you master solfeggio, basic principles of accompaniment and composing a leading melody.


  • tutorial for mastering the piano;
  • on-screen keyboard mode for accompaniment;
  • the first part of the classes is available for free;
  • video tutorials on the correct setting of hands and intonation;
  • full support for current versions of Android.
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