Simulator DJ Pro

Simulator DJ Pro

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9 Mb
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Android 5.0 and above
Simulator DJ Pro sound tuneSimulator DJ Pro equalizer

Simulator DJ Pro is a professional tool for DJs who want to create music and mix the audio channel. Here you can tune various sound combinations, tune samples, and activate multiple effects in real-time. User-friendly interface and advanced music combining system allow you to control the frequency range and different split effects. Laser-friendly identification of various settings enables you to unify the application interface and add multiple sound interpretations to your musical composition.

This program automatically converts various media files allowing you to play up to 2 tracks at a time. You can create your music mixes online and add multiple effects while using numerous audio tracks. Select a frequency range and volume settings to bring various instruments to the fore. You can also train to become the best DJ and save all your music to the SD card.

Perfect For Musicians

Thanks to a massive assortment of musical instruments, you can add new sound formats to your track. Here you have the right to experiment with different frequency ranges and mixer settings. You have a full-fledged remote control with various effects and the ability to loop the track. Customize and cut out excess elements to create a seamless musical composition. You can also change multiple stylistic formats of the mixing console and DJ settings. Tune tracks and use the Drum Pad to set the rhythm. Note that the application does not reduce the quality of the sound file and allows you to add new tools without delay.

App Features

  • application for creating sound samples on Android;
  • real-time control of audio tracks and effects;
  • flexible tuning of audio channels and reverb option;
  • media file conversion and automatic playback;
  • an extensive set of musical instruments.
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