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Skin Editor 3D for Minecraft

Skin Editor 3D for Minecraft

Remoro Studios
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Android 4.1
Skin Editor 3D for Minecraft Editor
Skin Editor 3D for Minecraft Body parts

Skin Editor 3D for Minecraft is an Android application that allows gamers to customize their character in Minecraft to create original skins.

How to create skins?

A unique set of tools allows people to edit standard skins for Minecraft and add original color schemes and new elements. Each user can modify individual parts of the character's body and add a new color palette. To better edit the appearance of the characters, users can choose the mode of approximation and separation of objects. 

There are presets and the ability to use clean skin to create something original. Some color elements can be added in random order. Some skins receive monthly updates. The main nuances for this are connecting to the network and the application server.

How to add skins in the game?

After a graphic element is created, each user can save it on the internal memory of his smartphone or tablet. The finished work will appear in the gallery for subsequent editing or loading into the game. The main menu contains general sorting into various categories. It should be emphasized that the function of integrating skin into a real game occurs using the built-in file transfer system.

Skins are also compatible with Endless Hills and Diamond Master. The import option is free for all users. Also, this does not require any registration. The editor allows users to select the preview option to decide which skin is best left or edited. All items have the original resolution by default.


  • an application for creating game skins;
  • the ability to generate icons and export files;
  • the app is free to download;
  • local save mode on smartphones and tablets;
  • compatible with all relevant versions of Android.
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