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Skyeng is an Android application that is intended for educational purposes. Users can learn English, its grammar and punctuation.


The utility is designed for both foreigners and residents from various countries in order to learn English properly. The learning process is based on thematic exercises. All tasks are divided into topics and offer various training options. Part of the learning process is built on pictures to visualize words. There are also puzzles with the need to put the letters in the correct order.

Users can memorize words, listen to their correct pronunciation and receive transcription. The utility provides several examples of sentences that contain the words being studied. This helps to understand the principle of their construction and application in real life.

Users can track learning progress in chart format. Training materials are structured in separate blocks, which help in the analysis of the passed stage. Also, the application allows you to pay for tutoring and take various classes with a native speaker. This helps you learn more about current trends, everyday slang and the nuances of the language.


All mini-exercises, study of grammar and transcription are available free of charge for all users. Classes with a teacher are provided only after full prepayment is made. You can choose any candidate for private lessons. This process involves video calling and lively dialogue with various exercises and homework.


  • application for learning English;
  • assignments, mini-games and learning words with the correct pronunciation;
  • detailed statistics and the ability to evaluate own knowledge;
  • some exercises are available for free, but classes with teachers are paid;
  • the utility is compatible with current versions of Android.
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