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Android 4.2
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Skype Lite is an application for voice and video calls and messaging. It is the successor of classic Skype, which is one of the most popular programs in its' field.

The main feature of this app is a simplified interface. It has all the items from the original, but works faster and is easier to use. 

Chats and Calls

In the Chats and Calls tabs, you can see your recent conversations both group and personal. You can also create a new one from here or make a call to someone. There is also an opportunity to start using this app as your client for SMS. If you turn it on, all messages will be opened in Skype Lite, instead of your phone interface. Other messengers, like GB WhatsApp don't provide such a feature yet. 

Moreover, you can find your friends or acquaintances here or invite ones who are not registered in it yet.

Skype Credit

The application allows you to cheaply call or send SMS to any phone all over the world. It's possible with the official Credits system. You need to buy some of it with real money and then use it for communication via the app. There are special subscription plans that let you choose the best variant according to your needs and pay for it monthly. It can be a sufficient substitute for a traditional mobile connection, but you always need the Internet to use it.


There are different bots you can use in the app, that will help you with quite a big range of issues. Some bots can give you healthcare advice, some book trains or hotels, buy tickets to the cinema or theater, with some you can even play popular games. There are many bots to choose from and it's easy to use them. 


  • new interface for a classic app;
  • better performance;
  • you can message via SMS in the application;
  • many different bots to choose from;
  • free download for Android.
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