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SkyVPN is an application for Android that allows you to protect your internet connection and get access to websites that are restricted from visitation in the country you are currently in. 

Establishing a connection 

The app does not require you to create an account after the installation, and you can start using VPN protocol straight away. You just have to tap the Connect button on the home screen and you will be automatically reconnected via the protocol. 

Before connecting, you have the ability to choose a country from the big list. It allows you to set the place of your connection and gives the opportunity to use software that is available only in a certain country. For example, you can become a user of Sky Go which is available only for people who live in the United Kingdom.

In the beginning, it is available to establish connections only from the United States, however, there are more than 10 countries to choose from if you purchase the premium. 

The application also provides you with better protection while you are on the internet. It becomes much harder to track you down and steal your personal data. 

Premium version 

Despite this app is free, there are a lot of limitations for users without an upgraded account. If you purchase a monthly or yearly subscription, you are provided with unlimited access to all available functions. 

It gives you the ability to connect with the fastest speed and get rid of the traffic limit. Moreover, you can use the app on five different devices and there are no advertisements anymore. 


  • you can visit websites that are not available in your region;
  • your connection becomes protracted from malware and trackers;
  • it is possible to choose between locations  from all over the world;
  • there is a premium with en extended functionality;
  • free download for Android.
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