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Urbandroid (Petr Nálevka)
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Android 4.2
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Sleep as Android is an application that helps you to analyze your sleeping patterns and improve it.

Sleep tracking

The app is tracking your sleep cycles and provides analytics on it when you wake up. It uses new sonar technology, that doesn't make you bring the phone in bed - bedside table will do it. Other similar apps, like Sleep Booster, don't have such a feature.

When you feel sleepy just start the sleep tracking and it will be running all night. In the morning you can stop it and see detailed statistics. Then you can rate the way you feel after waking up with stars (from 1 to 5). You can use this option not only when you are going for a full night's sleep, but even for short naps in the day time.

The app will save the result every day and give you advice, based on collected data. It provides you with clear infographics on matters like duration, phases, snoring along with commentaries on it. To use the Sleep tracking feature to the full extent you need to buy the premium package. However, there is a 14-days free trial period. There is also an ability to record all surrounding noises. It can record snoring and sleeptalking, analyze it and tell you how to treat it right. 

Alarms and lullabies 

The importance of waking up in the right way is mentioned in the app many times, so there are special alarms for it. They are developed with a purpose to softly but effectively arouse you from the recent sleep. It's calming sounds of nature mostly, that start very quiet and grow louder with time.

The tracking option, which was mentioned above, allows the alarm to adapt to your sleep and act accordingly. There are also lullabies available for persons who have trouble falling asleep.


  • tracks your sleep with a special in-app system;
  • no need to take the phone in bed with you;
  • records surrounding sounds;
  • library of alarms and lullabies;
  • free download for Android.
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