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Sleep Booster

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Sleep Booster is an Android application that helps you fall asleep and overcome various biological problems. Here you can set your new sleep biorhythm using the right meditation practices.

Sleep Well

Many people have trouble sleeping right. Various problems at work and irregular working hours knock down each person’s biorhythms. As a result, many people cannot get enough sleep and suffer from insomnia. Constant lack of sleep harms your health. That is why this Android application will allow you to solve this problem once and for all. Unlike regular sleeping pills here, you can eliminate the root cause of your problems. The application offers a range of practical and psychological Practices that will help many people. 

First of all, you need to learn how to breathe correctly. Measured and meditative breathing will allow you to relax and go into the sleep phase. You can also set your body to wake up at the exact time. Use restorative practices and special tips to help you feel better. Thanks to this application, you can fall asleep faster and go to the sleep phase with the highest quality recovery of the body.

Snore Tracking

Loud snoring while sleeping can cause physical or psychological problems. Thanks to this application, you can record an audio recording that will allow you to determine your condition during the deep sleep phase. Thus, the app will help you analyze your physical condition and identify possible health problems. It is worth noting that this application is perfect for those who want to improve their body condition and sleep much more comfortably than before.


  • app for sleep and meditation;
  • free essential functions for Android smartphones;
  • control your snoring and analyze your sleep;
  • detailed settings for individual parameters;
  • convenient interface and breathing practices.
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