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Sleep Sounds is an application for those who often suffer stress and cannot relax before going to bed. It helps to get rid of insomnia by listening to the relaxing sounds of nature and quiet melodies. They not only contribute to rapid falling asleep, but also relieve tinnitus. Moreover, the developers recommend not using a sleep timer, because the brain continues to perceive sounds when you sleep, and the melodies available in the application contribute to a sound and deep sleep.

The application offers a huge selection of sounds: spring rain, quiet night, beach, cold winter, forest adventure, out of town, rain on the roof, murmur of a stream, autumn in the jungle, cave and fire. There are also the sounds of a train ride and an airplane flight. They are aimed at those who are used to sleeping on travel.

Also, this Android application allows you to “mix” sounds, making them a single background. You can go to the “Own” section and add the following sounds to the overall “picture”: thunder, rain, wind, storm, night, river, snow, forest, cave, bonfire, white noise, owl, frog, bird, train, flight driving a cricket. You can control the volume with the help of visual sliders.


As we said earlier, the application has a built-in timer. It allows you to set the time after which your smartphone or tablet will be turned off automatically. For the timer to work correctly, several system permissions are required.

App Features

  • helps to choose a relaxing background for comfortable falling asleep;
  • offers “ready-made” sounds and allows you to “mix” them yourself;
  • makes it possible to configure a timer for automatically turning off the device;
  • works on all current versions of the Android operating system;
  • available for download completely free.
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