Smart AudioBook Player

Smart AudioBook Player

Alex Kravchenko
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Android 5.0 and above
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Smart AudioBook Player is a simple but convenient audiobook player for Android. The application interface is very primitive. However, due to the small number of “active” elements, it is quite convenient to control playback. In addition, the user can sort the king by status (new, started and read), automatically create bookmarks when listening, and also create a list of characters for their description.

The “read” position, a menu for switching between chapters, as well as pause and rewind keys are displayed on the main screen. If you do not “contact” Smart AudioBook Player for a long time, the program will automatically “turn off” and lock the screen so as not to discharge the battery. This application will cope with playing audio books of any format and will bring you many pleasant moments while using the basic functionality. Enjoy the best world-famous books in one app.

Easy-to-use app

The trial version of the player works for 30 days. Upon completion, you will be prompted to purchase a license or continue to use the program in limited functionality mode. The application is a player that helps not only play audio books, but also perform their cataloging. Smart AudioBook Player does not contain an integrated library. All the works that you want to listen to will have to be searched on the network and downloaded to the memory of the portable device yourself.

App Features

  • convenient built-in player with a minimum number of elements;
  • playback control using the widget for the desktop;
  • automatic search for audio files stored on the device;
  • display of the contents of works and fast chapter switching;
  • compatibility with all current versions of the Android operating system.
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