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SmartNews is an Android application that is a news aggregator and includes the most relevant news sources in the world.

Breaking news

News is the most critical aspect of social life that is relevant for each user. This Android application will allow you to read the most important news pages for free, follow the political ratings of many figures, and find the most relevant information in the world and in your region. 

It is worth noting that the application collects news from all popular information sources and groups them in one place. You can quickly get access to various current events in your city or the whole country. Choose sections with political news, sports news, and technology in a different format.

Offline mode & news fetching

The main feature of the application is that you can automatically download all the news on your smartphone or tablet and read them for free without an Internet connection. 

It simplifies the process of getting acquainted with various scientific publications, articles, and economic reports. Now you can be aware of all events to receive information as soon as possible. It is worth noting that the news feed is updated quickly so that you can customize your tabs and sections to read more interesting articles. 

Convenient switching between horizontal folds will help you not to worry about comfortable article views. All news and publications are adapted and have all the necessary sizes for reading on a smartphone or tablet.


  • free Android news reader app;
  • categories and sections with current publications;
  • collecting information from major news agencies;
  • responsive article design for smartphones and tablets;
  • local and world news on demand.
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