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Smule is an Android application that allows you to sing your favorite songs alone or with friends.

Like a karaoke

Many people like to sing a duet. Now you have a wonderful Android application that will help you do this online. Here you can choose any song for free and sleep with a friend. You can also drink alone and choose different options for playing a song. For example, you can turn music on and off to sing in various formats. Special settings and additional effects will help you sound like a professional in a recording studio. 

You can also use the background correction function during the song and create significant effects. Now you can become a local star and publish your videos on the Internet. Use additional video filters to make the visual series more beautiful. Add various effects like smoke, stars, and other parameters. It is worth noting that this application will allow you to enjoy music playback without limits.

Worldwide glory

Thanks to this application, you can become popular all over the world. It is worth noting that the audience of the app has more than 50 million users. It’s enough to open your profile and record a video for any of the songs. Get custom feedback and ratings for various loans. Here you can become famous and sing different genres. 

Enjoy your shot settings and connect to different users. Here you can find new genres and see additional online effects. Choose the options that suit you the most. Here you can enjoy high-quality sound production and add new effects for visual animations.


  • application for singing solo and duet;
  • free songs with music and effects;
  • edit video using Android filters;
  • visual effects and voice tuning;
  • convenient interface for selecting songs.
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