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SoundCloud is a music service on Android where you can find new exciting compositions. Find music and listen to the best podcasts in the world. Thus, there are many exciting live broadcasts and comedy shows. Enjoy various stylistic genres and discover new music. A convenient menu allows you to find famous musicians and rising stars of show business. Browse different compositions by type, find exciting tracks, and add them to your tracklist. Here are many interesting proposals that are grouped by style and general structure. 

You can share your favorite songs with friends and send them via social networks. Subscribe to channels and don’t miss new updates with exciting podcasts. The hashtag system allows you to find any style of music or a specific topic. In general, the application will enable you to access various musical compositions and new trends. You can create an account using Facebook or Google Plus.

Excellent Music

Thanks to a broad audience of users, this platform is an excellent tool for promoting your creativity. Download music or find like-minded people. Here you can find the creativity of the best people and show your creativity. A stylish and user-friendly interface based on hashtags allows you to find high-quality music and enjoy various styles online quickly. Use a convenient player with a frequency range to get acquainted with all the latest in the music industry. You can mark the most liked compositions so that they become ratings. Use the application to find new trends in the world of the music industry.

App Features

  • application for searching music on Android;
  • many songs and artists in the database;
  • convenient interface and hashtag system;
  • online broadcasts and search for new artists;
  • download music and share it on social networks.
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