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Android 4.1 and above
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Souperstar is a proprietary Android application that helps you find delicious food and scan your checks. Share coupons, vouchers and make a wish list. You can also support the community and receive rewards for your activity. Collect special stars and tokens in order to inform your friends about various activities. You can also share stars so your friend gets discounts on various purchases. This is a social application that makes food more soulful and enjoyable for each user. Share cash receipts and supports various social activities. 

It will help you get closer to the local community and help those who need it. In general, this application is designed for those who want to get more information about purchases and save on their next trips to the store. A convenient interface allows you to configure all your activities and track the current situation with your checks. Get stars for your activity and share them with your friends. It will help you earn more discounts in the future.

Latest promotions

Also the application contains an online map where you can find the nearest store. The menu contains the latest promotions and offers for each buyer. Thanks to this, you can be one of the first to learn about new promotions. Enjoy new offers and get the opportunity to join in delicious food. Here you can be socially active and participate in various activities. The interface and compatibility with many versions of the operating system will allow you to use the application even on older smartphones.

App Features

  • collect points and support social causes;
  • scan checks and share the result;
  • use the application for social activity;
  • collect bonuses and share them with people;
  • the opportunity to do good deeds.
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