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Android 5.0
Speedtest net Speed
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Speedtest net is an Android internet connection speed testing app.

How to find out internet speed?

The application allows you to identify the operator and check the data channel using a network connection. The utility sends data packets to the server, and also accepts requests. Users see a line graph on the screen with curves for downloading and loading data packets.

You can find out ping, packet loss and network latency. All scan options are recorded in the application history. This is convenient for comparing the capabilities of various telecom operators and Internet providers. It is worth noting that the utility can analyze Wi Fi, 3G and LTE connections.

Utility Tools

Users can access the network coverage map. It allows you to identify areas with the best communication signal and places with the lowest rates. You can select the type of operator in the menu, since coverage maps are different. The service selects the most suitable servers for honest testing of Internet speed. This helps to avoid errors and inaccuracies when re-analyzing the connection.

Another tool is an application tester. It determines how much Internet traffic social networks, video services and various clients consume. Users have access to the built-in VPN service. The service for unlocking access to sites is provided for free. The only caveat is the restriction on traffic. Each user has access to no more than 2GB of traffic.


  • application for testing the speed of Internet connection;
  • an opportunity to learn speed results free of charge;
  • coverage map of mobile operators by region;
  • built-in VPN service for access to blocked sites;
  • the application is fully compatible with current versions of Android.


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