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Spirit Radar is an application that helps you search for perfumes in rooms, as well as deciphers the signals transmitted by them from the other world. To detect paranormal activity, this scanner uses EMF (electromagnetic field) technology, which allows identifying unidentified waves, as well as interpreting them into messages using SpiritBox technology. Download and use this scanner is completely free.
To analyze the electromagnetic field, the program uses a camera built into the portable device. In addition, it uses a built-in microphone to search for frequencies of transmitted messages. Please note that without the appropriate permissions that are requested when you first start the program, Spirit Radar will not work.

By launching the scanner, you just have to find a suitable place in which, probably, the spirits live. However, they may well be active in your home or even room. If there were no abnormal changes in the electromagnetic field, then you can try to perform special rituals to call spirits. Fortunately, Spirit Radar initially had reference books with such rituals. In it you will find detailed instructions necessary to make the spirits manifest themselves and, possibly, even make them visible in the EMF field. Please note that Spirit Radar describes both dangerous and safe rituals. Performing the latter is recommended exclusively to trained users. In addition, they often require the use of special equipment.

Additional Information

We draw your attention to the fact that in addition to the free version of the application, there is also a paid one - Spirit Radar Pro. The second offers much more tools for searching for perfumes and decrypting messages.

App Features

  • helps to search for perfumes using EMF technology;
  • reacts to any otherworldly activity;
  • helps decrypt messages from spirits using the SpiritBox tool
  • requires access to the camera and microphone;
  • distributed in free and paid (Spirit Radar Pro) versions.
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