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Android 2.3
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Split CameraTwo in one

Split Camera is an Android application that allows users to combine multiple shots in one picture.

How does it work?

The app allows people to create a photograph from several parts, but it is necessary to make a basic setup. First of all, one should switch the shooting quality. Further, each user can select the exposure combination mode. 

Two pictures are available for combining by default. Take a photo and move the camera of the smartphone to combine the two parts. It allows creating a panoramic image or combining several original images to create dynamic effects.

Each previous image saves specific contours and parameters so that the user can combine it with new content. You can experiment with the settings to achieve the desired result.

The functionality

Most of the functionality is available for free. The only drawback is the lack of image quality adjustment. It makes shots worse than while using the standard camera application on a smartphone. But this is still a standard quality for social networks because their software algorithms do not allow people to watch the original pictures.

Some original options are available at an additional cost. All this can be unlocked in the settings. Users need to choose other effects if they do not want to implement transparent photos and smooth transitions. Also there are several parameters to determine the picturing format in this application.


  • an application for combining multiple shots;
  • the ability to share content on social networks for free;
  • templates & settings for original photos;
  • users can set the quality and quantity of individual parts of the panorama;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
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