Splits in 30 Days

Splits in 30 Days

Leap Fitness Group
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Splits in 30 Days is an Android application with which, according to developers, users will be able to learn how to sit on a full twine in a month. It is enough to do step-by-step training daily.

Beginning of work

When you first start this free Android application, users are shown a small instruction. With its help, users can learn more about the benefits of a good stretch and understand what such training is aimed at.
A warning is shown: before you sit on the twine, you should warm up the muscles. In addition, the developers recommend showing patience, as sitting on the twine will not work instantly.

After reading the instructions, users can select a training program. Classes are provided for beginners, continuing and advanced. In conclusion, it remains to choose a convenient time that the user will devote to exercises daily.


Users are given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the full training program, scheduled for 30 days. It is possible to find out which days will be more intense and which should be relaxed.
By opening the training page, you can read about each individual exercise, as well as familiarize yourself with visual GIF animation or a video from a professional instructor.
In order for the training day to be counted, it is necessary to press the button to start the exercise, and then in the same way to complete your everyday training.


  • the application is designed to perform daily workouts;
  • according to the developers, you can sit on the twine in 30 days;
  • exercises are accompanied by detailed descriptions and visual animation;
  • the application is downloaded and used for free;
  • compatible with relevant versions of Android.
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