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StarMaker is an application for Android that lets you practice karaoke with the help of your phone.

Sign what you like

There is a big choice of songs, so you always can find something for you. On the main screen recommended tracks are shown, along with different tabs that guide you through the local library. 

It’s possible to choose between Free, Hot, Trending and New songs. Also, you can filter by the name of the artist or a category. There are many different, like “the most popular songs from Tik Tok” or “Billboard chart leaders”. 

When you have decided what you are going to sing you just tap the corresponding button and proceed to the karaoke. If you are doing this for the first time its necessary to grant the app access to your camera, microphone and storage. 

During the process of singing, you see the lyrics scrolling in front of you. Also, there is a tone chart that shows if you hit the notes. When this happens you are given points and in the end, you get the results and rating accordingly.  

Personal profile 

To get access to all of the available options you have to create an account. You can do it with your Facebook or Google account. 

If you are logged in you can add an avatar and information about you, connect with other users and message them. There is also an opportunity to sing in duet with your friends, make a party with them or create an in-app family with people close to you. 

You can complete Daily challenges and improve your singing. Moreover, it’s possible to see different videos from other users that are popular at the moment and follow the ones that you like. 


  • you can sing your favorite song in karaoke on the screen of your device;
  • comfortable navigation through the big library of tracks;
  • ability to create a personal profile;
  • it’s possible to connect with other users;
  • free download for Android.
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