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Status Tree is a convenient application for selecting and sharing a status on WhatsApp and Facebook. Install the app on Android and enjoy beautiful statuses.

Best Statuses

A creative person wants to express himself and convey important information to the public. With this application everyone can find out your status. Open the menu and select the most interesting quotes and pictures for you. Here you can take any content for free and publish it on your page in just a few clicks. 

After you upload the status, you can add various videos for news feeds on Facebook or WhatsApp. Thus, your friends and acquaintances will be able to see your interests, which is important to you at the moment. Use these applications wisely and choose the most interesting formats that can inspire you to future achievements.

Start posting

This application will help you realize your creative potential and share your feelings and emotions with your friends. Choose the most interesting statuses in this application and publish them using your Android smartphone. Here you can restrain your emotions and share these quotes that you like most. 

The Application menu is very simple, so you don’t have to learn various parameters for a long time and choose formats for saving content. In a few clicks, you will find what you are looking for. Publish photos and videos in one click and share all your secrets with your friends. Here you can be yourself experimenting with different statuses. Thanks to this, you will receive satisfaction from the realization of your creative ambitions and will be able to move on.


  • free statuses for WhatsApp and Facebook;
  • save photos and videos in one click;
  • interesting content for all users;
  • regular status updates in the menu;
  • compatible with current Android systems.
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