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Leap Fitness Group
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10 Mb
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Android 4.4
Step Tracker Health
Step Tracker Tracker

Step Tracker is an Android application with the option of controlling physical activity. The pedometer allows you to count the distance traveled and calories burned.

Principle of operation

The program determines the number of steps for free with a detailed display of statistics. The gyroscope in the smartphone is responsible for accurate calculations. A special algorithm determines the amount of distance traveled by the sharp inclines of the phone when walking. Also, the program can track user actions by GPS signal.

Fitness opportunities

The application gives the total value of the distance traveled, the activity time and the energy spent on the action. Each user can use the online map to set the route. This can be a section of a treadmill in a stadium or a path in a park. The application automatically determines the distance and shows the remaining travel time.

Statistics and Achievements

Sports achievements can be monitored using weekly statistics. It is formed in the form of a visual table, where each scale shows the success of training. Users can see their record run and average statistics for the day. This allows you to control the intensity of classes.

Achievements are the main bonus of the application. They show anonymous runner statistics compared to other app users. In general, the application tracks the steps quite effectively. Sometimes a pedometer may skip small steps. But this rarely happens.


  • pedometer with the ability to track the distance traveled per day;
  • calorie burn sensor and weekly statistics;
  • the ability to get directions for jogging for free;
  • achievement system to motivate users;
  • the pedometer is compatible with current versions of Android.
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