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StoryZ is a utility for creating animated pictures using various graphic effects.

Editing options

The utility is designed to create dynamic images using various options. In particular, users can use separate markers on the screen to make turbulence and movement of individual particles. 

For example, you can apply motion tweens to clouds, liquids, open flames, and smoke. This will create the effect of three-dimensional presence and movement of individual particles in the photo. This way you can save GIF animations for subsequent publication on social networks. You can also save individual videos up to 4K.

No quality loss

The utility allows you to animate individual graphic files without loss of quality thanks to the resampling technology. All effects are created in real time using double exposure and combining several pictures. 

In particular, navigation options are available to users for creating beautiful pictures and instructions for performing these options. The free version contains a certain amount of effects that are sufficient to create beautiful content. Users can also buy additional options to get more features.

The utility works correctly even on older smartphones and allows you to view content created by other users. Choose GIF animation and video that is trending and browse interesting ideas for further implementation in your own works. It is worth noting that the application works without an internet connection.


  • utility for creating live photos in GIF format;
  • 4K video recording and a set of graphic effects;
  • direct publications on social networks and instant messengers;
  • basic functionality and some presets are available for free;
  • the utility is compatible with current versions of Android.
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