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Strava mobile client will be useful for those who like to play sports. With it, you can track the effectiveness of your workouts, set different goals and achieve them, look for like-minded people, and also share your progress with the online community.

For the correct operation of the application requires a GPS connection and excellent internet. Like many other similar programs, this solution quite often shows very inaccurate results at a low data transfer rate, which is very problematic, because when training outdoors, mobile Internet is used, which from time to time tends to disappear.


Strava for Android allows you to keep track of a user’s workouts – view the number of kilometers traveled and calories burned, as well as learn the pace and speed of a run. If the user has a favorite route, and he often uses it, then after several runs with the help of this client, you can compare the results, tracking the progress in order to understand when to plan a new, more difficult route.

The program is focused not only on storing statistics, but also on the social component, because the support of the environment is very important at the moment when you just start playing sports, and internal laziness encourages you to abandon this activity. Using Strava, you can track the activity of friends, colleagues and work colleagues who also installed this program. If you wish, you can join various clubs, organize real meetings, arrange competitions and compare the results of participants in special tournament tables.

App Features

  • allows you to track progress in training;
  • for the program to work, you need included GPS and good internet;
  • the ability to share training photos on Instagram and Facebook;
  • some of the functionality is not available until you get Pro;
  • the application is compatible with GPS watches, fitness trackers and cycle computers.
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