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StyleSeat is a new service where hairdressers and clients can meet together. Use it to find customers and the right salon to create the perfect hairstyle.

Order haircuts and makeup online

People spend too much time looking for the right stylist on Instagram. Stylish hairstyles and makeup are a high chance to feel great every day. Nevertheless, you need to find the right specialist who will help you do beautiful styling, hairstyle, or makeup. This Android application will help you correct this annoying misunderstanding. 

Here you can access a vast database of hairdressers, stylists, and makeup artists. Browse the best works of authors and choose the hairdresser that you like. Here you can make an appointment and not miss a useful reminder. Look for professionals and enjoy first-class quality service.

Manage your business

Professionals can benefit from this project. Here you can accept payments using bank cards and direct orders from Instagram. Now you can share your best works and upload quality photos. Set up a detailed schedule with the built-in calendar and arrange service bookings. Here you can create a system of automatic reminders that will help the client to come to you on time. 

Grow your business and get new investment opportunities. Here you can build your stylish Empire that will match your look. Develop your project and create the best deals on the market. The application will allow you to solve many organizational aspects and get new benefits that will enable your business to grow. Forget about the barriers of the past and start a successful career.


  • application for searching stylists and hairdressers;
  • convenient Android interface for each user;
  • free registration and search for specialists;
  • create your stylish business from scratch;
  • daily updates and the best search engine.
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