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Android 4.1
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Swan Camera is a free Android application for editing selfie photos.

Photo Effects

This Android app is designed to improve the quality of your portraits, create collages, and add frames. Take a photo on your smartphone's camera or select an image from the gallery. You can also select a suitable frame for the effect and add text labels. 

In addition to ready-made templates, you can use backgrounds with various graphic effects. For example, you can create your own reflection in a mirror or duplicate a portrait on canvas, glass, or other textures.
The application supports gestures, filters and settings. Edit the photo and share it in public or private chat with friends. The finished images are small and do not fill the smartphone's memory.

Frames & Filters

Special frames allow you to split photos into multiple images with a choice of gradient thickness. Divide the space between the photos and adjust the total thickness of the collage frames. Individual filters can increase the brightness and contrast of your photos for subsequent sharing on social networks with friends.

Add funny banners and emoticons to your photos. The finished result can be published on social networks and shared with friends. You can also choose a ready-made background for your photo and combine the two layers. Choose ready-made stickers from the library to express emotions and funny accents. These can rotate in a circle, or zoom in and out.


  • free application for Android smartphones;
  • unlimited collages, frames, and photo effects;
  • the ability to take a new photo or select from the gallery;
  • an album with all the finished photos;
  • stickers, banners and other background images.
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