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Sweatcoin is an Android application with the ability to earn digital currency through physical activity.

How are coins credited?

First, users need to register in the application. Next, you can choose the type of physical activity for playing sports. The utility credits virtual money for the distance traveled. A particular pedometer counts the distance traveled. After passing a thousand steps, you will get one coin.

Users can participate in competitions, friendly races, and receive prizes for activity. The utility uses its own algorithm to calculate the results. You can synchronize it with fitness bracelets and smartwatches to track your path.

Options for spending coins

The utility contains an integrated store of goods and services. You can buy gadgets for the earned currency or subscribe to various services. Previously, users could withdraw money to electronic wallets and bank cards. This option is now unavailable. You can also spend money on crowdfunding and contribute to the development of various startups.

Main options

You can set goals and compete with friends. The utility allows you to create a prize pool and compete with other participants on the platform. Special leaderboards show the current result and help motivate participants to set personal records.
Coins are credited free of charge to each user’s account, but sometimes the algorithm fails. In general, you should be prepared to lose about 5-10% of coins due to not quite the correct calculation.


  • application for earning electronic coins while walking;
  • built-in store for the purchase of goods and services;
  • the application is downloaded and used for free;
  • pedometer with encrypted step counting algorithm;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
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