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Tabata Timer is a free application for intense physical activity. Here you can choose your workout modes to achieve maximum calorie burning.

Interval training control

Effective sports require control of the number of approaches. Tabata and other types of intensive training include a large number of exercises in a short period of time. The purpose of this Android application is to set a timer to maintain equal intervals of physical activity and rest.

This approach helps burn the proper amount of calories and starts the process of muscle formation. The application includes a set of eight approaches with equal recovery time. The timer can be changed and adjusted to the user’s personal physical capabilities. It is very convenient for daily training.

Calendar with calculations

A daily routine can bring down workout plans. Use reminders to follow all physical training. The Android application contains charts with the effectiveness of classes and the ability to track progress. Choose any sound effect that will be a signal to start or end physical activity.

A separate section with a schedule of classes allows you to control the reduction of body fat. The main convenience of intensive training is the ability to save time on other activities. Each user can make a list of the best exercises for subsequent alternation. This is a very convenient timer that will help you engage in sports and self-improvement much more efficiently.


  • the interval training app with exercises;
  • rest timer and sports loads for every user;
  • free formation of a plan of loads and rest;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android devices;
  • control the weight in the graph section.
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